December 19, 2008

Protesting the Jailing of a Muslim Woman in GA

Earlier this week in Georgia, a Muslim woman was jailed in Douglasville for refusing to remove her head scarf. In response to this incident of religious discrimination, a group of us from Candler decided to hold a small peaceful protest outside the Municipal Court. I think we got their attention.

ACT: Contact the Mayor of Douglasville to express your concern about Ms. Valentine's expression of religion freedom being violated.


  1. fricken update this shit already

    -your bro

  2. I've read your blog and it is terrifying to me that you are going out into the world as preacher. Read the Bible and wash the garbage out of your head that you have come to believe. James 3:1-2

  3. thanks so much for your post on youtube about that "Muslim Demographics" video that calls for Christians to convert muslims and as you said, is just a bunch of fear-mongering/demonizing of islam.

    I am a theology student in the United States, I don't particularly subscribe to just any one organized religion, but agree with you about video.

    Look forward to continue reading your blog.


  4. I see you haven't updated in a while..hope you do soon! S

  5. Kaleb, you're a jerk:)

    Anonymous II, I'm sorry that you feel that way. Can you tell more why you are concerned?

    Sarah, thanks for the comment and the encouragment. Unfortunately I received that video from a staff member at a church. Some days you wonder whether a video comment makes any impact; I'm glad I wasn't silent after watching it.

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