July 7, 2008

Music: Nick Cannon

One day at the United Methodist General Conference I attended a luncheon that featured a former abortion clinic owner. As the speaker told horrors stories from her experiences and spoke passionately against abortion I was moved. But I was also disturbed as she basically characterized all pro-choice advocates as being pro-abortion. I came away believing even more strongly that the extremism on both sides of the abortion debate is detrimental.

I believe I am apart of the moderate majority that is pro-life, but against the criminalization of abortion. If we are to effectively reduce abortions in America, we must find ways for persons who are pro-life and pro-choice to work together.

Nick Cannon's song below is a powerful testimony of his own personal experience with the issue. While you may not agree with the message he is conveying, I hope you'll take a listen.


  1. What if it never was meant to be a "woman's choice"? We have created a culture that might have given a choice where their wasn't one needed. We can still love those who have had abortions, while strongly disagreeing with their actions. 1.2 million a year. (more than 300 times the amount killed in the entire Iraq war)....... I think it is worth a conversation at least. I have some abortion questions on my blog... feel free to respond.


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