January 5, 2008

God Loves That Guy

In the midst of finals I was impacted greatly by two events that occurred. First was the debate in the New Jersey Assembly over the death penalty. Glued to my uncomfortable computer chair, I excitingly watched the live streaming video of the legislators debating the merits of the death penalty. While I am extremely pleased to see this accomplishment in New Jersey and in America, I am still troubled by the words of one of the speakers. Assemblywoman Marcia Karrow kept insisting that the the men on death row were monsters and not even worthy to be called human.

The second event that has stuck with me is an Andrew Peterson Christmas concert I attended. Featuring several musicians, Andy Gullahorn played a song called "That Guy." Not only was this song different than just another Christian song about falling in love with Jesus, this song had a hard message. The lyrics challenge people to love like God loves, including the guy who blows himself up, the guy who commits adultery and suicide, and themselves.

It wasn't until a few days later when everything sort of hit me. From the comments from the legislator, the debate over water-boarding and torture, to my frustration with my president--God loves all of those people and we are to love like that. We are to love the suicide bomber and the B-1 bomber pilot, the abortion clinic doctor and the abortion clinic bomber; we are to love all people because that is what Christ taught and because everyone is created in the image of God. Can you hear the words of Raul Julia, playing Oscar Romero, yelling in prison at the torturers, "WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS! WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS!" Sometimes I think God may be shouting, "THOSE ARE MY CHILDREN! STOP HURTING THEM!"

I hope you'll watch my video below featuring Andy Gullahorn's song.


  1. I would never have heard this song, seen these images, if I hadn't received your Kroger mix. Thank you, Karl. Very powerful.

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