November 3, 2007


Video showing the beauty, simplicity, and complexity of the word, dude.

(This post does not represent an endorsement for Bud Light)

Iran & Divestment

Stephen Colbert discusses the value of divestment with Frank Gaffney.

"If I am not making as much cash as possible, haven't the terrorists won?"

Redifining Torture

"If we do do those things, they must not be torture."
(John Oliver)

Join Stewart in guessing which tactics amount to torture.

Gl. Warming Debate (Past)

Interesting clip from 20/20 showing alternative views to global warming.

"Is this what the global warming debate has come too? One side saying, 'Shut up! Dissent must not be heard.'" (John Stossel)

I'm no expert, but it would seem as though fear has brought about the most substantive eco-friendly changes. (Thanks Kaleb)

Life Sentences for Kids

NY Times article about juveniles sentenced to life in prison without parole.

There are currently 73 juvenile lifers in prison who were 13 and 14 when they committed their crimes. Those 73 are in the USA.

Undocumented Kids

The Dream Act bill to legalize undocumented students was blocked in the Senate.

The legislation was 8 votes short of being brought to the floor.

Death Penalty on Hold

The US Supreme Court is reviewing lethal injection.

Consequently they have granted stays to several inmates.

As a result there seems to be an unofficial moratorium on the death penalty.

Evangelical Voters

As the CBS Poll shows, the political issues that Evangelicals are concerned with most are changing. (Article)

I think Jim Wallis, Michael Moore, and a disastrous war have most contributed to the changes.

Willow Creek Repents?

Interesting article by Diana Butler Bass commenting on Willow Creek's assessment of the faith growth of their members.

Do churches lead Christians to grow in their love of God and neighbor?
(Thanks Cody)

Methodist Peace Award

Rev. Harold Good of Belfast, Northern Ireland is the 2007 recipient of the World Methodist Council Peace Award.

"His philosophy is that of the Methodist founder, John Wesley, who exhorted his followers to be ‘friends of all and enemies of none.’" (Profile)

Food Tax Victory

South Carolinians no longer pay food tax!

The average family of four will now save $225 annually.

Savannah Morning News

Music Video: Nickelback

Powerful video by Nickelback featuring Amnesty International.

If Everyone Cared


Genarlow Wilson Released.

Desmond Tutu Banned No More.

Smithfield breaks talks and sues union.

ACT: Tell the Senate to Reform the Farm Bill

Congress has passed another SCHIP bill again. Bush plans to veto this one too.


Troy Davis' Appeal for a New Trial
November 13, 10:oo AM @ GA Supreme Court

School of the Americas Vigil
November 16-18 @ Columbus, GA
SOA info and travel details for Candler students November 15, 12-1

Journey Together

In October Michelle & I flew together for the first time. Our journey marked the beginning of our married life together. While long distance relationships can be extremely challenging, I think they are a blessing in that they help you to not take for granted the gift of presence.

Michelle and I are grateful to all of the persons who have included us in their prayers, assisted us financially, and welcomed us in foreign lands. As the two of us seek to grow in faith and love together, I hope we will be able to be a blessing to others in ways that we would not be able to on our own. After all isn't that part of what marriage is about--having a lifelong companion who enhances your identity and service to the world.