September 30, 2007

Reason to Hope

This past month I traveled with my friend Jay to one of the war protests in DC. Despite the low turnout and consequently little media coverage, I am glad that I attended. For me, acting out of my conscience and for a better world is important. The individual choices we make and the words we say have influence, even if they don’t make the headlines.

One image from the protest that I most value is the banner on the capital lawn that reads, “SEEK PEACE, AND PURSUE IT.” This silent vigil has been taking place every Saturday for the past five years. Quietly holding a banner alone may not bring peace, but the collective actions and prayers of people do. This past month I have been reminded that even in the midst of all of the injustice in our world, there are signs of change, there is evidence of progress, and there is reason to hope. Karl


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