September 30, 2007

Bible Fight

I'm hoping that God finds this game funny; I know I did.

You can preview it here. (give it a few seconds) (Thanks Lance)

Healthcare for Kids

Video of John Edwards talking about the importance of expanding SCHIP.

ACT: Urge your Representatives to override Bush's veto.

War Crimes Immunity

This brief video illustrates how to cover your butt. (Thanks Chris)

Jena 6

For background info about the Jena 6 watch this brief summary.

The story of the Jena 6 has helped expose the racial injustices in our country. The grassroots response to the Jena 6 has demonstrated the power of the people to create a movement and to achieve results.

Mychael Bell's sentence went from 20 years in prison to now being tried as a juvenile.


US military report faults Blackwater in accident/massacre.

US orders more oversight of Blackwater in response to the 17 Iraqis killed on Sept. 16.

Check out this video from The Nation for more info about Blackwater.

Mother Teresa's Doubts

Based on the some letters that have recently been made public, Time Magazine tells the story of Mother Teresa's service and trust in the midst of darkness.

Books Banned No More

The Bureau of Prisons was in the process of banning & purging a number of religious books from prisons. Thanks to thousands of emails and other pressure, they reversed their policy.

Progress of Peace

Read about these encouraging stories of people working towards peace in N. Ireland, S. Africa, & Iraq and in
North & South Korea

Desmond Tutu Banned

Recent news has come out showing that the Archbishop Desmond Tutu was banned from speaking at the University of St Thomas in Minnesota. Check out the story.
ACT: Send a message.

Stop Crime: Hide Poor

While doing my demographic study for class I stumbled upon a local blog that caught an email from the local neighborhood association outlining plans to tackle crime. Check out their steps to stop crime by trying to get rid of homeless people.

Death Penalty Dialogue

The Death Penalty has been getting a lot of attention lately..

The Economist: Revenge Begins to Seem Less Sweet

NY Times: Justices to Enter the Debate Over Lethal Injection:

Atlanta Journal Constitution: A Matter of Life or Death

The Guardian: Amnesty Lists Execution Horrors

Inter Press Service: Executions Across Country on Hold

Daft Hands (Past)

Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger (its gets more interesting after the first minute)

Can you do it? (Thanks Karen)

Film: Innocent Voices

2004 film that deals with childhood & war in El Salvador


Peace Walk for Burma
October 6, 12:00pm @ Jimmy Carter Center

Emory Law Public Interest Conference
October 13 @ Law School
Free to Public/More Info & Link to Register

Paul Rusesabagina (Hotel Rwanda)

October 16, 8:00pm @ Glenn Memorial UMC
Student Tickets @ the DUC

Jimmy Carter: The Role of a Christian in the 21st Century
October 18, 2:15pm @ Emory Cannon Chapel

Dalai Lama: 1st Emory Summit on Religion, Conflict, & Peacebuilding
October 21, 2:00pm @ Emory WoodPEC
1,000 free tickets will be made available to students, faculty & staff.

Karl & Michelle: Together in the USA
October 22, 6:30pm @ the Atlanta Airport

Reason to Hope

This past month I traveled with my friend Jay to one of the war protests in DC. Despite the low turnout and consequently little media coverage, I am glad that I attended. For me, acting out of my conscience and for a better world is important. The individual choices we make and the words we say have influence, even if they don’t make the headlines.

One image from the protest that I most value is the banner on the capital lawn that reads, “SEEK PEACE, AND PURSUE IT.” This silent vigil has been taking place every Saturday for the past five years. Quietly holding a banner alone may not bring peace, but the collective actions and prayers of people do. This past month I have been reminded that even in the midst of all of the injustice in our world, there are signs of change, there is evidence of progress, and there is reason to hope. Karl