August 31, 2007

Skateboarder Fall

Jake Bown's crazy 45 foot skateboarding accident. (0:50)

Daily Show: America to the Rescue

Jon Stewarts examines three decades of American foreign policy in the Middle East. Video (4:20)

New Orleans: Two Years Later

A short film from Brave New Films telling people's stories. (3:45)
ACT: Sign the petition to support the Gulf Coast Recovery Bill of 2007

Girl Like Me (past)

A Girl Like Me, is a short youth documentary looking at how standards of beauty and self-image influence young African-American females. The doll experiment clip that is recreated is particularly heartbreaking. (3:20-4:59)

Peru Earthquake

The 8.0 earthquake in Peru caused great damage to an area called Chincha. Over the past several years students from Hendrix, Lambuth, & Dakota Wesleyan, have sent mission teams to that area to work on building projects with a local Methodist Church.

ACT: Please consider supporting the recovery efforts through our contacts. Checks can be made out to Edgewood Church 3000 N. Elm Street, Fargo, ND 58102--"Peru Earthquake"

Kucinich Gets the Shaft

Dennis Kucinich's picture and winning polls get removed from ABC News.


Smithfield Shareholders Meeting

Over 1000 people rallied at the Smithfield shareholders meeting to stand for justice and to support the workers of the Tar Heel, NC plant.

The War As We Saw It

NY Times Editorial about the Iraq War by several US Troops
(Thanks Cody)

Emory University

  • $500,000 energy savings by turning the air off during the night


Troy Davis-The Georgia Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that they are willing to hear Troy Davis' appeal to present new evidence
ACT: Sign the Petition

Alberto Gonzales
-Announced his resignation as Attorney General

Featured Trailer

"A Documentary on the Dixie Chicks in the wake of singer Natalie Maines' anti-George W. Bush statement at a 2003 concert." Available on DVD.


Emory Town Hall Meeting with President Jimmy Carter
September 19, 8:00pm @ Woodpec

South Dakota Peace & Justice Center Conference
September 28-29 Register @

National March on Washington to End the War
September 29 Find a bus
$90 Bus from ATL traveling night before and night of the march
Atlanta International Action Center

N. Ireland: Unique Country

As we all stood around the fire on the beach, I couldn't help but think to myself how wonderful N. Ireland truly is! Because it is small and part of an island, it fosters sustainable relationships in a unique and beautiful way. What a blessing it would be to not have to say goodbye to your friends or family because they are never far away. (Except when they marry Americans)