July 1, 2007


Hey everyone! Welcome to the 1st edition of the KROGER MIX! As someone who spends a lot of time on the internet and trying to do stuff, I thought I would take some more time and share some of the things that I think are funny, disturbing, and inspiring. Maybe when I'm famous I'll do the blog or website thing. Until then I'm going to try to send this out monthly. I know that you may not care for everything, but that's ok; you don't have to. If you don't want to read this or don't have time, feel free to email me and I won't be offended. However, please don't mark me as spam:) You can also email me if you have thoughts or news you'd like share. Hoping you'll laugh, think, and act.

Baby Jesus Prayer

Baby Jesus Prayer from Talledega Nights. (3:04)

Daily Show & Alberto Gonzales

Daily Show coverage of Alberto Gonzales' latest round of questioning (6:57)

CNN YouTube Debate

My "Bomb Thing" question for the CNN YouTube Debate (0:19)

: Submit your own video for the Republican Debate. (Here)

Lynching Reenactment

CNN coverage of the Morre's Ford Lynching Reenactment (4:37) (Kroger in the KKK)

Troy Davis

Troy Davis was granted a stay of execution hours before his execution ( 9.19)

ACT: Advocate for clemency for Troy's August 9th board hearing.

Michael Moore's Offensive

Michael Moore takes on Wolf Blitzer and the media (10:47)

Farm Bill Reform

The House of Representatives passed Farm Bill improvements, but more reform is needed.

Keep informed with Oxfam and Bread for the World as the Farm Bill goes to the Senate (5:51)

Simple Way Fire

Shane Claiborne is author of Irresistible Revolution and one of the founders of the Simple Way Community. Recently the Simple Way Community Center and neighborhood homes suffered a terrible fire. (6:06)

ACT: Please consider donating to the Rebuilding Fund or the Kensington Families Fund.


Hiroshima & Nagasaki Peace Vigil
August 6, 7:00PM @ Jimmy Carter Center

Jesus Radicals Conference

August 10-11, Dubuque, Iowa
Swords into Plowshares: Anarchism, Christianity and Principles of Peace

Martyrs of Alabama Pilgrimage

August 11, Hayneville, Alabama
Honoring Episcopalian seminarian Jonathan Daniels and others who died working for civil rights

Drug War & Minorities

Drug war enforcement hits minorities hardest (Chicago Tribune)
Blacks make up 13% of the nation's illicit drug users.
Blacks make up 32% of those arrested for drug violations.
Blacks make up 53% of those incarcerated in state prisons for drug crimes.
(Something ain't right about that...)


"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
Frederick Douglas

Every Life Has Value

As I think about the horrific things that were done to Chester Allan Poage, I cannot help but imagine how terrified he must have been as he was tortured to death.

As I think about Elijah Page's execution, I am saddened that the people of South Dakota respond to such brutality by continuing the violence and continuing the killing.

Though murder and execution are radically different, at the end of the day someone is killed by someone else. How do we teach our children which people are OK to kill and which people have enough value to live?

My faith informs me that all of us have enough value to live, no exceptions. Despite our actions, God's love for us never ceases, and our sacred worth never diminishes.