December 2, 2007

Huck Chuck Facts

You have to admit this is pretty clever.

The Lazarus Effect

World AIDS Day: Let us remember the victims and rejoice for the survivors.
This year (Product) RED raised over $50 million to fight HIV/AIDS.

Music Video: Annie Lennox

Featuring the new song Sing. It was recorded to raise money and awareness for the HIV/AIDS organization, Treatment Action Campaign (TAC).

Climate Change Leadership

Governors are taking the lead on climate change.
ACT: Tell congress to pass global warming legislation.

December 1, 2007

Writer's Strike

This brief video illustrates that money exists to pay the writers.
For more information check out the Wikipedia page.

Airport Taser Death

You have to wonder, was this really necessary? (2/3rds in)
For more on what happened read here.

Evangelist's Expenses

The Senate is investigating the expenses of 6 evangelists.

"When I think of Jesus Christ and I think of the way we as Christians in many cases worship today, we are so unlike him, so unlike him in so many ways."
(CNN's Rick Sanchez--Transcript)

Ministry Watch rates Christian organizations for their transparency.

Chicken Cruelty

The Humane Society wants Wendy's to stop using cruel battery-cage eggs.

Burger King is beginning to use cage-free eggs.
Whole Foods Market have stopped selling cage eggs.

ACT: Call or Email Wendy's.

March on Burger King

On Nov. 30th over 1500 farmworkers marched to the Burger King headquarters in Miami.

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers were successful in their campaigns with Taco Bell in 2005 and McDonalds in 2007.

Tell Burger King it's now their turn to make sure the tomato pickers receive a fair wage.

Drug Sentencing

Drug sentencing laws in America are ridiculous.

The sentencing ranges for crack cocaine have been lowered but more needs to be done.

"The lunacy in crack penalties will not be eliminated until lawmakers grapple with the mandatory minimum sentences now in place."
(Washington Post editorial)

For more check out the Sentencing Project or this ACLU report.

Food Shortage

Food pantries around the country are facing shortages.

ACT: Please consider donating to Second Harvest, a nation-wide network of more than 200 food banks and food-rescue organizations

UMC Provocative Questions

Lovett H. Weems, Jr., the director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological recently responded to the State of the Church Report by asking 10 Provocative Questions.

Wal-Mart Improving?

A recent NY Times article reports that Walmart is becoming less stingy on its health care coverage.

"The company's turnabout demonstrates the power of public pressure to change even the biggest corporations like Wal-Mart, which has based its business strategy on low costs at all costs"
(Michael Barbaro & Reed Abelson)

Alternative 9/11 Speech

"But if we refuse to return violence for violence, if we decide on a response that is at once courageous and peaceful, we can seize this tragic moment as an opportunity not to return evil with evil, but rather to overcome evil with good. "

From The Speech That Was Never Given by Brian D. McLaren

Film: Darfur Now

Out on DVD in March, this film displays the power of individual acts.
Also watch Frontline's online documentary On Our Watch.

Do Something

Speaking about or in the film Darfur Now, Don Cheadle hopes that people "will realize that they can do something more than nothing." This simple and obvious phrase has stuck with me.

In Lions for Lambs I saw this same theme of people wanting to contribute something or make a difference to improve the world. There is so much that needs to be done, but there is so much that can be done.

Whatever your passion is, whatever gets you upset or strikes you at the core--do something about it, for it, or to fight against it. And then try to do at least a little something once in a while for some of those things you're not so passionate about.

November 3, 2007


Video showing the beauty, simplicity, and complexity of the word, dude.

(This post does not represent an endorsement for Bud Light)

Iran & Divestment

Stephen Colbert discusses the value of divestment with Frank Gaffney.

"If I am not making as much cash as possible, haven't the terrorists won?"

Redifining Torture

"If we do do those things, they must not be torture."
(John Oliver)

Join Stewart in guessing which tactics amount to torture.

Gl. Warming Debate (Past)

Interesting clip from 20/20 showing alternative views to global warming.

"Is this what the global warming debate has come too? One side saying, 'Shut up! Dissent must not be heard.'" (John Stossel)

I'm no expert, but it would seem as though fear has brought about the most substantive eco-friendly changes. (Thanks Kaleb)

Life Sentences for Kids

NY Times article about juveniles sentenced to life in prison without parole.

There are currently 73 juvenile lifers in prison who were 13 and 14 when they committed their crimes. Those 73 are in the USA.

Undocumented Kids

The Dream Act bill to legalize undocumented students was blocked in the Senate.

The legislation was 8 votes short of being brought to the floor.

Death Penalty on Hold

The US Supreme Court is reviewing lethal injection.

Consequently they have granted stays to several inmates.

As a result there seems to be an unofficial moratorium on the death penalty.

Evangelical Voters

As the CBS Poll shows, the political issues that Evangelicals are concerned with most are changing. (Article)

I think Jim Wallis, Michael Moore, and a disastrous war have most contributed to the changes.

Willow Creek Repents?

Interesting article by Diana Butler Bass commenting on Willow Creek's assessment of the faith growth of their members.

Do churches lead Christians to grow in their love of God and neighbor?
(Thanks Cody)

Methodist Peace Award

Rev. Harold Good of Belfast, Northern Ireland is the 2007 recipient of the World Methodist Council Peace Award.

"His philosophy is that of the Methodist founder, John Wesley, who exhorted his followers to be ‘friends of all and enemies of none.’" (Profile)

Food Tax Victory

South Carolinians no longer pay food tax!

The average family of four will now save $225 annually.

Savannah Morning News

Music Video: Nickelback

Powerful video by Nickelback featuring Amnesty International.

If Everyone Cared


Genarlow Wilson Released.

Desmond Tutu Banned No More.

Smithfield breaks talks and sues union.

ACT: Tell the Senate to Reform the Farm Bill

Congress has passed another SCHIP bill again. Bush plans to veto this one too.


Troy Davis' Appeal for a New Trial
November 13, 10:oo AM @ GA Supreme Court

School of the Americas Vigil
November 16-18 @ Columbus, GA
SOA info and travel details for Candler students November 15, 12-1

Journey Together

In October Michelle & I flew together for the first time. Our journey marked the beginning of our married life together. While long distance relationships can be extremely challenging, I think they are a blessing in that they help you to not take for granted the gift of presence.

Michelle and I are grateful to all of the persons who have included us in their prayers, assisted us financially, and welcomed us in foreign lands. As the two of us seek to grow in faith and love together, I hope we will be able to be a blessing to others in ways that we would not be able to on our own. After all isn't that part of what marriage is about--having a lifelong companion who enhances your identity and service to the world.

September 30, 2007

Bible Fight

I'm hoping that God finds this game funny; I know I did.

You can preview it here. (give it a few seconds) (Thanks Lance)

Healthcare for Kids

Video of John Edwards talking about the importance of expanding SCHIP.

ACT: Urge your Representatives to override Bush's veto.

War Crimes Immunity

This brief video illustrates how to cover your butt. (Thanks Chris)

Jena 6

For background info about the Jena 6 watch this brief summary.

The story of the Jena 6 has helped expose the racial injustices in our country. The grassroots response to the Jena 6 has demonstrated the power of the people to create a movement and to achieve results.

Mychael Bell's sentence went from 20 years in prison to now being tried as a juvenile.


US military report faults Blackwater in accident/massacre.

US orders more oversight of Blackwater in response to the 17 Iraqis killed on Sept. 16.

Check out this video from The Nation for more info about Blackwater.

Mother Teresa's Doubts

Based on the some letters that have recently been made public, Time Magazine tells the story of Mother Teresa's service and trust in the midst of darkness.

Books Banned No More

The Bureau of Prisons was in the process of banning & purging a number of religious books from prisons. Thanks to thousands of emails and other pressure, they reversed their policy.

Progress of Peace

Read about these encouraging stories of people working towards peace in N. Ireland, S. Africa, & Iraq and in
North & South Korea

Desmond Tutu Banned

Recent news has come out showing that the Archbishop Desmond Tutu was banned from speaking at the University of St Thomas in Minnesota. Check out the story.
ACT: Send a message.

Stop Crime: Hide Poor

While doing my demographic study for class I stumbled upon a local blog that caught an email from the local neighborhood association outlining plans to tackle crime. Check out their steps to stop crime by trying to get rid of homeless people.

Death Penalty Dialogue

The Death Penalty has been getting a lot of attention lately..

The Economist: Revenge Begins to Seem Less Sweet

NY Times: Justices to Enter the Debate Over Lethal Injection:

Atlanta Journal Constitution: A Matter of Life or Death

The Guardian: Amnesty Lists Execution Horrors

Inter Press Service: Executions Across Country on Hold

Daft Hands (Past)

Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger (its gets more interesting after the first minute)

Can you do it? (Thanks Karen)

Film: Innocent Voices

2004 film that deals with childhood & war in El Salvador


Peace Walk for Burma
October 6, 12:00pm @ Jimmy Carter Center

Emory Law Public Interest Conference
October 13 @ Law School
Free to Public/More Info & Link to Register

Paul Rusesabagina (Hotel Rwanda)

October 16, 8:00pm @ Glenn Memorial UMC
Student Tickets @ the DUC

Jimmy Carter: The Role of a Christian in the 21st Century
October 18, 2:15pm @ Emory Cannon Chapel

Dalai Lama: 1st Emory Summit on Religion, Conflict, & Peacebuilding
October 21, 2:00pm @ Emory WoodPEC
1,000 free tickets will be made available to students, faculty & staff.

Karl & Michelle: Together in the USA
October 22, 6:30pm @ the Atlanta Airport

Reason to Hope

This past month I traveled with my friend Jay to one of the war protests in DC. Despite the low turnout and consequently little media coverage, I am glad that I attended. For me, acting out of my conscience and for a better world is important. The individual choices we make and the words we say have influence, even if they don’t make the headlines.

One image from the protest that I most value is the banner on the capital lawn that reads, “SEEK PEACE, AND PURSUE IT.” This silent vigil has been taking place every Saturday for the past five years. Quietly holding a banner alone may not bring peace, but the collective actions and prayers of people do. This past month I have been reminded that even in the midst of all of the injustice in our world, there are signs of change, there is evidence of progress, and there is reason to hope. Karl

August 31, 2007

Skateboarder Fall

Jake Bown's crazy 45 foot skateboarding accident. (0:50)

Daily Show: America to the Rescue

Jon Stewarts examines three decades of American foreign policy in the Middle East. Video (4:20)

New Orleans: Two Years Later

A short film from Brave New Films telling people's stories. (3:45)
ACT: Sign the petition to support the Gulf Coast Recovery Bill of 2007

Girl Like Me (past)

A Girl Like Me, is a short youth documentary looking at how standards of beauty and self-image influence young African-American females. The doll experiment clip that is recreated is particularly heartbreaking. (3:20-4:59)

Peru Earthquake

The 8.0 earthquake in Peru caused great damage to an area called Chincha. Over the past several years students from Hendrix, Lambuth, & Dakota Wesleyan, have sent mission teams to that area to work on building projects with a local Methodist Church.

ACT: Please consider supporting the recovery efforts through our contacts. Checks can be made out to Edgewood Church 3000 N. Elm Street, Fargo, ND 58102--"Peru Earthquake"

Kucinich Gets the Shaft

Dennis Kucinich's picture and winning polls get removed from ABC News.


Smithfield Shareholders Meeting

Over 1000 people rallied at the Smithfield shareholders meeting to stand for justice and to support the workers of the Tar Heel, NC plant.

The War As We Saw It

NY Times Editorial about the Iraq War by several US Troops
(Thanks Cody)

Emory University

  • $500,000 energy savings by turning the air off during the night


Troy Davis-The Georgia Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that they are willing to hear Troy Davis' appeal to present new evidence
ACT: Sign the Petition

Alberto Gonzales
-Announced his resignation as Attorney General